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I created this spreadsheet with comparative analysis data for sailboats which I used to evaluate what my next sailboat will be.  Right now I have decided on a First 38, old, but in good condition.  If you read the book "Proving Grounds" you would be impressed to know a First 38 made a good showing in that race (and remained right-side up)

click here for the evaluation spreadsheet

Here is a brochure on my next boat, the First 38.

click here for the First 38 pdf sheet

download Peter Theis' north channel pdf (6MB)

Our sailboat, Liberty, is on a mooring bouy in Burnham Harbor, Chicago, IL.  We have had some challenges with lines to the bouy being chaffed or twisted, but this hardware really helped out - highly recommended if you are on a mooring. 

Click here for the best mooring bouy hardware